Not me

One day you will find yourself,

you will have true stars,

‘will have lot of benchmarks,

not me.

One day you will look at the sky,

you will try to find peace amongst stars,

‘will find memories together,

not me.

One day you will feel me in breeze,

your lonely feet will try to find me amongst grass,

‘will find soothing touch, with them,

not me.

Twinkling stars with white lone moon,

together, visible; far far away,

‘will find us in the mirror of mind,

not me.

-Debapriya Mukhopadhyay

A song translated from “Bhanu pelo lottery”


When Lord Brahma

put us in a beam balance oo Lord,

to see who is heavier

you or me?

My weight showed heavy,

I fell down on earth from heaven,

My side of beam balance became down,

slipped on the ground like flat,

from that time, I got a place on earth.

How many people knows share? you say!!

Oo god you became lightweight,

Oo God your weight is light, you are fragile,

because of that you reached on heaven in a single jump.

Oo Lord Brahma, you had put life on my sole,

only once you have made me,

but how many times I think,

I make you everyday with clay,

Because of that I am more powerful than you!!