Love is when,

someone is there to welcome,

wagging tail, jumping,

hoping, rolling around,

doing best to make you happy.


Love is when, you ignore,

all the scratches, of your arms, legs,

all the dust in your pant,

all the rubbish, makes your floor dirty.


Love is when, you worry,

about not eating,

about time of vaccination,

about loneliness,

about comfort.


Love is when, you are ready,

to clear all the nonsense staffs,

to make tasty food,

to clean the beloved everyday.


Love is when, you care,

in sickness,

in anger,

in choice,

in freedom.


Love is when, you adore,

someone wakes you up to say clear my shit,

someone leaks you when you are down,

someone sits beside when you work,

someone always want to see you happy!

-Debapriya Mukhopadhyay

Love you Tomy

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