Yours ever!

Thousand slang for a single love,
Mammoth step for a dwelling love,
An angry face and watery eyes,
Says fuck off, get lost, lier blues.

No one wants to be a lier,
No one wish to get away from love,
No one wish to cry for the loved ones,
No one wish to see death, own eyes.

Distance tries to put anxiousness,
Distance tries to create wrath,
Distance creates ambiguity,
Distance creates perception.

I know where do we stand,
I know we are positives of B&A,
I know how much ever we fight,
I know, wee are The Salt and Light.

– Debapriya Mukhopadhyay

My Brother

When the safe zone is far away,
When taking breath seems carbonic,
When work appeared as a ton of load,
My bro clears them all.

When the author writes a line,
When the time tickles the chime,
When the death takes life,
My bro pray for all.

When God bless us with divinity,
When Jesus loves us with trinity,
When people believe in diversity,
My bro is my trusty.

– Debapriya Mukhopadhyay