Yours ever!

Thousand slang for a single love,
Mammoth step for a dwelling love,
An angry face and watery eyes,
Says fuck off, get lost, lier blues.

No one wants to be a lier,
No one wish to get away from love,
No one wish to cry for the loved ones,
No one wish to see death, own eyes.

Distance tries to put anxiousness,
Distance tries to create wrath,
Distance creates ambiguity,
Distance creates perception.

I know where do we stand,
I know we are positives of B&A,
I know how much ever we fight,
I know, wee are The Salt and Light.

– Debapriya Mukhopadhyay

My Brother

When the safe zone is far away,
When taking breath seems carbonic,
When work appeared as a ton of load,
My bro clears them all.

When the author writes a line,
When the time tickles the chime,
When the death takes life,
My bro pray for all.

When God bless us with divinity,
When Jesus loves us with trinity,
When people believe in diversity,
My bro is my trusty.

– Debapriya Mukhopadhyay

Two brothers

Stars has fallen from the sky to bay,

Thanking The God they play on hay,

Nothing is ahead when the love pay,

False become true in a lovely way.

B positive says “no” it’s my way,

A positive says “yes” it’s your way,

Chuckle said basically any way,

Commonly they have said it’s our stay.

Whatever they did right or wrong,

People said they were mong,

They had faith on the only strong,

Time tickled just a moment long.

Every worry has changed, their way,

Eager people has stopped, their say,

Each need was fulfilled, some may,

Brotherhood established, an eternal way.

-Debapriya Mukhopadhyay


When I stand, I stand in your name!

Walking through a long way to reach you,

Energetic, enthusiastic, excited and curious,

I am waiting for a grain lestrange of you.

I live by the grace of you,

My every breath is defined by you,

You have made me bit by bit,

Your love is enough for me.

I learn from your words,

Love is divine spread it across,

Peace is manifestation of your gracious acts,

Gospel is fact of life, ours.

I bless you, for saving my life,

I bless you, for forgiving my sins,

My faith on you makes me a believer,

Underneath are your everlasting arms.

-Debapriya Mukhopadhyay


We say good things and bad,

Neither one is true or sad,

Relativity says both are equal,

It’s perception!

We say stand tall with dignity,

We say speak loud with trinity,

We believe in faith with love,

It’s destiny!

We do conventions and gestures,

We speak about real and unreal matters,

We learn things in diversity,

It’s perpetual!

Eternal life for a true seed,

Venture death of every lead,

Who said love, they bleed,

It’s written!

-Debapriya Mukhopadhyay


Duniya dekhi hay humne,
Qayi gayer huye apne,
Saare chale saath me,
Hum piche chhut gaye.

Shabashi diye thhe abam,
Qayi saare unke naam,
Pucho mujhe saare thhe,
Jivan ke naam.

Wo pagalpan thhi kaamo me,
Wo baate thhi zuban me,
Wo madhoshi thhi zindegi me,
Wo justaju thhi samay me.

Kabhi kaam aaye toh batana,
Kabhi naam aaye toh sochna,
Kabhi zuban ladkharaye toh yaad karna,
Kabhi yaad aaye toh muskura lena.

– Debapriya Mukhopadhyay


Apna aysa ek ghar ho,
Jisme pani ho sabke liye,
Khana ho sabke liye,
Chhat ho sabke liye.

Jahan ho ek ayse zuban!
Jo sabke apne ho,
Sab milke basaye ek sansar,
Jisme na ho koyi bayr.

Apne gharme ho ayse angan,
Jahan sare jahan aake sama jaye,
Jo angan ho ma ke anchal ki tarha,
Saare dukh dard jahan anand ban jaye.

Apna gharme ho ek peyar ke tewhar,
Jnaha peyar ki mehsoos ho har ruh par,
Jnaha apnapan ho pal pal dil par,
Peyar ke diye jalenge har shaam, wo ghar par.

-Debapriya Mukhopadhyay


Life is going to a new dimension.

searching for new endeavours,

every breath is creating a new oath,

still lips are trying to stop.

Mind is appearing like Phoenix bird,

taking birth from its ashes again,

feathers of wings are yet to grow,

time to fly but time must flow.

What have I learned, is now the past,

What have I planned, is now a myth,

Truth is proven, now its fact,

Searching life, in no mans land.

Memories told about a wise man,

Feather of wings were noble noble causes,

Life is stating the present, born again,

To live, for life, this time, again.

– Debapriya Mukhopadhyay

Deep.. cause of darkness

I have spent nights over twilight,

counting waves of sea, on the seashore,

such a lavish life I live,

by lighting moon, tried to enlighten the sky.

Everyday I see colors of the sky,

petals of cloud, flying birds,

nude night shows the real,

seeing light cause of dismal.

At night, every time,

when light overcome the darkness surround,

what happens beneath?

question remains…

Why Deep is so silent?

is it a sign of a coming storm?

you are full covered with cloudy petals,

light the base where you stand!!

-Debapriya Mukhopadhyay


Today  if I ask, who am I?

you told me the answer long back.

Today if I think, what should I do?

you told me the answer long back.

Today if I do, anything I wanted to do..

you have declared the result, long back.


At times, in the twilight,

I ask myself, what’s wrong with me?

I ask myself, why am I so bothered?

why I am nudging myself, towards the green endeavour?

you have shown me the way long back.


Sometimes, the ways may differ!

At times the thinking may not match!

In a duel both sides can’t win!

In life we need to continue swim.


They say, tomorrow never dies.

I say memory never lies.

You say, my path is God made.

God may be saying something else.


– Debapriya Mukhopadhyay