Life is going to a new dimension.

searching for new endeavours,

every breath is creating a new oath,

still lips are trying to stop.

Mind is appearing like Phoenix bird,

taking birth from its ashes again,

feathers of wings are yet to grow,

time to fly but time must flow.

What have I learned, is now the past,

What have I planned, is now a myth,

Truth is proven, now its fact,

Searching life, in no mans land.

Memories told about a wise man,

Feather of wings were noble noble causes,

Life is stating the present, born again,

To live, for life, this time, again.

– Debapriya Mukhopadhyay

Memory and tears

The scream of labour pain,
vagire from a red squeezed face,
Falling in love with a blossoming rose,
Iced tears still heart goes.

Failure carries lot of tears,
success caries lot of tears,
Happiness carries lot of tears,
Peace carry a drop of tear.

When something happens to mind,
when a droplet kisses to chick,
when feel comes for share or to be lone,
When life gives support to bone.

If at all, you feel pain,
if you feel, you never gain!
dive in memory, deep, very deep,
Sure get a smile with few drop tears.

-Debapriya Mukhopadhyay

Anubhav- The feel of nature


Rater akash bole, Chnade koto alo.

Mitimiti tara bole, Duure ami bhalo.

Dhorar buk hote, ami cheye thaki.

Megher ghomta ese, tare dey dhaki.

– Debapriya Mukhopadhyay

Snigdha- the peaceful compenion

Tare ami shudhai barebar,
Kotha hote asho tumi? kothay Tomar ghor?
Niruttore opolok thako tumi cheye,
Smitohasse probesh koro, hridoy majhare.

Suprobhat e bhorai tomar, snigdho kore mon,
Patar fnake robir kiron, kore anuranan,
Madhukar shonay aji bhromor gunjoron,
Swetkorobi gnatha malay tobo alonkoron.

Swetbosona chondro aji dholiche fule fule,
Rikto hoste prarthana roto, sikto elochule,
Modhur dhwoni gunjorilo praner antorale,
Peet bostre archanile prosad dile tule.

– Debapriya Mukhopadhyay