Duniya dekhi hay humne,
Qayi gayer huye apne,
Saare chale saath me,
Hum piche chhut gaye.

Shabashi diye thhe abam,
Qayi saare unke naam,
Pucho mujhe saare thhe,
Jivan ke naam.

Wo pagalpan thhi kaamo me,
Wo baate thhi zuban me,
Wo madhoshi thhi zindegi me,
Wo justaju thhi samay me.

Kabhi kaam aaye toh batana,
Kabhi naam aaye toh sochna,
Kabhi zuban ladkharaye toh yaad karna,
Kabhi yaad aaye toh muskura lena.

– Debapriya Mukhopadhyay


Life is going to a new dimension.

searching for new endeavours,

every breath is creating a new oath,

still lips are trying to stop.

Mind is appearing like Phoenix bird,

taking birth from its ashes again,

feathers of wings are yet to grow,

time to fly but time must flow.

What have I learned, is now the past,

What have I planned, is now a myth,

Truth is proven, now its fact,

Searching life, in no mans land.

Memories told about a wise man,

Feather of wings were noble noble causes,

Life is stating the present, born again,

To live, for life, this time, again.

– Debapriya Mukhopadhyay