When I stand, I stand in your name!

Walking through a long way to reach you,

Energetic, enthusiastic, excited and curious,

I am waiting for a grain lestrange of you.

I live by the grace of you,

My every breath is defined by you,

You have made me bit by bit,

Your love is enough for me.

I learn from your words,

Love is divine spread it across,

Peace is manifestation of your gracious acts,

Gospel is fact of life, ours.

I bless you, for saving my life,

I bless you, for forgiving my sins,

My faith on you makes me a believer,

Underneath are your everlasting arms.

-Debapriya Mukhopadhyay


We say good things and bad,

Neither one is true or sad,

Relativity says both are equal,

It’s perception!

We say stand tall with dignity,

We say speak loud with trinity,

We believe in faith with love,

It’s destiny!

We do conventions and gestures,

We speak about real and unreal matters,

We learn things in diversity,

It’s perpetual!

Eternal life for a true seed,

Venture death of every lead,

Who said love, they bleed,

It’s written!

-Debapriya Mukhopadhyay