A brief thought



imageDo not pity the dead Harry, pity the living. And above all, all those, who live without love.

-J.K.Rowling (Prof. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore)

Life is magical, find yourself in it, live in it, love in it.

– Debapriya Mukhopadhyay


Today  if I ask, who am I?

you told me the answer long back.

Today if I think, what should I do?

you told me the answer long back.

Today if I do, anything I wanted to do..

you have declared the result, long back.


At times, in the twilight,

I ask myself, what’s wrong with me?

I ask myself, why am I so bothered?

why I am nudging myself, towards the green endeavour?

you have shown me the way long back.


Sometimes, the ways may differ!

At times the thinking may not match!

In a duel both sides can’t win!

In life we need to continue swim.


They say, tomorrow never dies.

I say memory never lies.

You say, my path is God made.

God may be saying something else.


– Debapriya Mukhopadhyay